When not watching record-breaking performances at the International Youth Track and Field Championships, the Baltimore-Washington area has an abundance of attractions for visitors to experience. Known as “Charm City” by the locals, Baltimore is one of America’s oldest cities, with plenty to see. Take the ferry down the Chesapeake Bay to see historic Fort McHenry, where Francis Scott Key penned the Star Spangled Banner, or spend a day at the National Aquarium and see some of the most amazing sea creatures on the planet. And no trip to this city by the bay is complete without a visit to the incredible National Great Blacks in Wax Museum. Take the train from downtown Baltimore to Capitol Hill, and in a hop, skip and jump you will be in Washington D.C., our nation's capital city. The Washington Monument, the Smithsonian Museum of Art, the Viet Nam War Memorial, and the new African American Museum of Art, are just a few of the many sites to see in the most powerful city in the world. Run the meet, see the sites, and enjoy the experience of the International Youth Track and Field Championships.